Tuesday, August 9, 2011

TOP FIVE / Things I'm Living For This Week

Here are the top five things I'm living for this week...

1. "Otis" by Kanye & Jay-Z, Watch the Throne (album)

The song "Otis" is the kind of track that I listen to once, and then can't help starting it over the second it's done. It's upbeat. It's fun. And hearing the two biggest hip hop artists of my generation throwing down hooks alongside classic lyrics from one of the godfathers of R&B/soul is like a musical history lesson in three minutes.

Admittedly, the entire Watch the Throne album is pure, auditory bliss. I also love Beyoncé's work on "Lift Off." But "Otis" is going to be top of my list for a long, long time.

2. Planks

Not to be confused with the internet "phenomenon" called planking. Incorporating planks (pictured above) into a work out routine builds some amazing core muscles...something my body needs anyway! Also, according to a recent report published in Details magazine, planks are much less strenuous on a person's back muscles than crunches. And they would know...because they pay attention to things like "details."

3. Silk: Pure Almond - Dark Chocolate All Natural Almond Milk

It's no secret that I love all things almond. But, milk those little suckers and flavor them with dark chocolate and you've got a concoction that has recently become a staple in my afternoon snack attack. Put it in coffee for a slightly healthier spin on a "mocha." Or just guzzle it straight out of the carton...I do.

4. Suri's Burn Book (surisburnbook.tumblr.com)

Perez, who? If you haven't visited this Tumblr that imagines how Suri Cruise would verbally eviscerate the offspring of other famous people in an open forum, then you're missing out on everything the internet was invented for: celebrity pictures mixed with biting, sarcastic commentary.

Click the photo of Suri and Katie to get linked to the blog.

5. Miro Sorvino's weird accent in Romy & Michele's High School Reunion

Unfortunately, I missed my ten year high school reunion this past weekend. I'd already used up all my 2011 vacation time on Coachella and a trip to New York City...plus it's not like I don't already know who's married and who's gotten fat (A big shout out to Mark Zuckerberg for rendering class reunions virtually useless!). I did, however, take about 15 minutes out of my day on Saturday to watch some of Romy & Michele's High School Reunion with my friend Nathan. The movie has always cracked me up...but especially that weird voice that Mira Sorvino maintains the ENTIRE time. My life would be complete if Romy & Michele both signed on to attend their 25 year reunion in 2012.

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