Friday, June 3, 2011

"You on candid camera!!"

Dear Sir with the Insatiable Hunger for Pinkberry,

You thought I was so wrapped up in my Scrabble app that I wouldn't notice as you "stealthily" breezed past me in line last night. You misinterpreted my focus on my iPhone as a "lack of interest" in the BRAND NEW flavors unveiled for the summer. You, sir, were wrong in this assumption. After waiting behind eight other people, I was just as anxious as you were to sample both WATERMELON and SALTED CARAMEL.* You're fortunate your sneak move was so unabashedly comical. Under normal circumstances, I would have simply cut back in front of you, reclaiming my rightful place in line. However, your obviously sloppy attempt at "butting" prompted me to test a skill I've been meaning to develop: the "Sneak Attack" iPhone Photo of an Unaware Stranger.

This, sir, is the true definition of stealth:



P.S. As someone who frequents crowded theme parks, I suggest that in the future you don't turn around to stare at the person you're cutting seven times. Most people aren't as forgiving as me. It's better to keep your eyes on the prize and let them stare at the back of your head while working up the nerve to call you out on your social faux pas.

*I originally went in thinking I'd order a salted caramel after sampling the flavors. Surprisingly, watermelon completely won me over. I'm almost ready to declare it the flavor of the summer.

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