Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The CAPTCHA with the Pi

Dear Facebook,

I simply wanted to post a link about Jake Gyllenhaal joining Bear Grylls in Iceland* for the season premiere of Man vs. Wild on my friend's wall. All I have to say is, "WTF, FB?!"

I appreciate your new CAPTCHA system helping to ensure that fewer idiots will click virus spreading links about seeing Osama Bin Laden's dead body or watching the world's fattest baby smoke a cigarette or whatever.** However, isn't this going a little far? I'm pretty adept at producing strange letters with my keyboard. My niece's name is Zoë. That's right, Facebook. We have an umlaut in our family. Also, I sometimes like to mix up emails by throwing in a little Spanglish, "¡See you mañana!"

I'm not trying to brag. I'm merely pointing out that if any Average Joe would be prepared to crack your latest CAPTCHA, it would be me. However, since I'm neither a mathematician nor Darren Aronofsky, I have no earthly idea how to quickly produce the symbol for Pi on my keyboard. Is it possible to stick to letters in the English alphabet and simple, whole ones that don't go on for eternity?!



P.S. In a quarter of the time it took me to write and proofread this blog, I Googled Pi and found out that (on a Mac system, at least) you hold down ALT and the letter p simultaneously. That magic combination of keys will produce: π.

*I've had dreams that start out with this scenario.

**Thank God the spammers haven't started "Hunger Games" related spam links. I'd fall for that shit in an instant!


John Sherrod said...

Wait. What kind of a Mac user refers to the Option key as the "ALT" key? :-)~

ChillwithWill said...

Burn! You got me. I lose 50 fan boy points and move to te back of the line at the Genius Bar.