Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Can Somebody Explain LinkedIn To Me?

Seriously, I've been accepting people on LinkedIn for years now and I don't even know what to call them. On Facebook they're my friends, on Twitter they're my followers, on MySpace they're my Ethiopian spammers... I think they're supposed to be my "connections" on LinkedIn. Maybe? That sounds too similar to a gay dating website though.

I vaguely remember signing up for it a few years ago with promises of revolutionizing my career. So far, the most interaction I've had with the website is accepting people who add me. I don't even have a photo up.

Can anybody tell me what I'm supposed to do on LinkedIn? Maybe it's too functional, and I just don't have the capacity for it. If it's not going to waste my time at work...why would I want to log on anyway?


Anonymous said...

why not...

RC said...

that's funny - i feel the same way, but haven't signed up. I've worried if I sign up people might realize how unlinked in I am or think I must be hunting for a job or something.