Friday, June 3, 2011

Beep beep!

Dear West Hollywood AIDSMobile,

I totally respect the work that you do. Your centralized location in the heart of the Santa Monica Blvd bar scene reminds everyone to stop and think for just a moment before stumbling home with a random stranger picked up at a 2:00 AM "sidewalk sale" when the bars start kicking people out. Furthermore, your proximity to Millions of Milk Shakes is perfect for anyone who steps out of your cab less a pint of blood and needs to raise their sugar levels. You are a West Hollywood icon*.

However, I gotta admit that this recently snapped image isn't doing anything positive for your image. Anyone would be skeptical to step inside, much less allow a needle anywhere near a major vein considering this shoddy setup:

Here's hoping you get your act together, West Hollywood AIDSMobile. Otherwise you may have to relocate somewhere south of downtown.



*Just like dodgeball on Tuesdays, marijuana dispensaries, and WeHo Jesus.

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