Friday, May 20, 2011

Possibly my last blog post ever...

Today I was iChatting with my mom (who lives on the east coast). We were discussing everything from Chaz Bono on Oprah to whether or not Mom will enjoy the movie Bridesmaids*. We landed on the subject of the rapture possibly occurring tomorrow. Here's a snippet of our conversation:

Mom: she had breasts removed, but doesn't have a penis...
Mom: can you get a penis...
Mom: like from a donor?????

Will: i THINK they do penis tranpslants.
Will: but I've never looked into it.

Mom: maybe someone wanting to be a woman
Mom: ??

Will: now THAT is very doable.
Will: i've seen a documentary on it.
Will: oh, wait, you mean, like, switching?

Mom: What becoming a woman?

Will: yeah, i know that a man who wants to be a woman can have his penis removed

Mom: yeah
Mom: i think it would be easier to go that way

(Will disappears for a moment while he "likes" some Facebook statuses)

Will: i don't know if they can put it on a woman.
Will: i'll have to read up on this.
Will: what a strange world we live in.

Mom: I'd forgotten what we were talking about
Mom: before you paused for a bit
Mom: he...chaz...has an autobiography out now
Mom: i think i'll read (listen) to rob lowe's first

Will: haha...sorry for disappearing...i was reading your FB wall

Mom: don't be sorry
Mom: you can't be're getting raptured tomorrow at 6pm
Mom: does that mean I'll be raptured 3 hours before you?

Will: probably
Will: try to hold a spot for me at the table with the rest of the family.
Will: i'll be the last Sherrod to show up.

Mom: Dad will be waiting for us.
Mom: he'll have our seats picked out.

Will: it'll be a record
Will: first time that he's ever the first to show up to something!

Mom: LOL!!!!!
Mom: you're going to make me wet my pants!


If we are raptured tomorrow, it'll be great to see you again Daddy-O. The girls and I have missed you...even though we still joke about your lack of punctuality. In the likely event that we're NOT raptured, I'd like to say that I'm grateful to be stuck here on earth with the best family and friends a guy could possibly have.

*YES, she will love Bridesmaids.

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Suzanne S. said...

Oh, you mean the surgery to make a woman a man? Chuck just informed me that it's called an addadictomy. P.S. - see y'all in heaven tomorrow!