Sunday, April 5, 2009

Name five things you liked about ADVENTURELAND. DING!!

I've tried re-writing this post several times. Screw being eloquent. Here are my thoughts on ADVENTURELAND:

1. It's a giant homage to Noah Baumbach set in a late 80's, rundown theme park. If you loved The Squid and the Whale nearly as much as I did, I think it's safe to say you will enjoy Adventureland. If you also loved Kicking & Screaming (NOT the Will Ferrell soccer coach comedy; the good movie about recent college grads making sense of life), I'm almost positive you'll love Adventureland.

2. The trailer for Adventureland is a huge misrepresentation. Sure, it's a comedy from the director of Superbad. However, Adventureland is to Superbad what The Color Purple is to Jurassic Park. Both fall into the file of my favorite films, but we're comparing apples to oranges here. While I think the trailer is misleading, I do love the Violent Femmes song they play over the, I guess that's something else to like.

3. The last time a movie had characters that were shaded this well, they were robots. Thank you, Greg Mottola, for remembering that people have layers. Perhaps people stopped having layers around the turn of the millenium. In which case... Thank you, Greg Mottola, for setting your movie in 1987.

4. While all of the characters are fun in a believable way (not just a "quirky, indie" way), Margarita Levieva's portrayal of Lisa P is brilliant. She brings depth the role of the desired hottie. Astounding.

5. I'm calling it early... Adventureland will be nominated for an Original Screenplay Oscar. Err, least a nomination for an Original Screenplay award from the Writer's Guild.

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