Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chris Brown...any relation to Bobby?!?!

We here at Chill With Will are often guilty of being a little crass and making light of certain subjects that are (quite frankly) downright horrendous. Racism, baby eating, and Tyler Perry movies are all free game when it comes to the jokes and sarcastic comments that grace the pages of this here blog. However, this past weekend, a certain subject was broached in the media that demands the must utmost care and respectful commentary...


You hear me Chris Brown?!?! It's punks like you that give the hip-hop/R&B/rap community a bad name. I don't care that you share a last name with one of the biggest woman abusers in recent musical history. Sure...you and your drop-dead-gorgeous (may I now add undeserved?) girlfriend had just left a pre-Grammy party where Whitney Houston made her alleged "comeback" performance. That doesn't give you any excuse to lay out another violent example of how the "behind the music" stories of the recording industry are nothing but a collected string of Shakespearean ironies.

I really hope that all the media reports are blown out of proportion... What kind of scum gives his girlfriend welts on her forehead and bites her fingers?!?!

You even forced her to cancel her 21st birthday party. You prick!

If the media reports are even partially true...please don't think about crawling back to her. Just tuck your tail between your legs and sink back into obscurity. I'm sure there's a whole crowd of teenybopper fans ready to go disturbia on your ass. They will be breakin' all of your dishes and you will know what it's like to try to breathe with no air.


Peter Chan said...

i guess it's the perfect opportunity for you to open up your umbrella-ella for her to stand under.

csherrod said...

In art class last week one of my students made a "Cowadunga" cowboy boot in honor of the upcoming event. It was pink, pretty, and looked like a third grader drew it. Guess what it said on the boot?...."I love Chris Brown"! She asked me to hang it up last Thursday on our classroom clothesline. I said sure, and wondered who is this Chris Brown???? After the news recently, I now know who Chris Brown is!!!!
I took it down today and told her she could take it home! Great blog, Willie Wonka! I love the artwork!!!! You could be in Mrs. Luckey's class!!!!

Anonymous said...

omg just leave him alone now!! forgive and mostly forget ok, god everyone has cocked up once in their life so just get on with it. just cus there is no other news people just bring up this one!! LOVE YOU CHRIS AND ALWAYS WILL!!!!XXXXXX