Monday, December 22, 2008

ADVENTURES IN FLORIDA or, How Slow-Speed DSL Killed My Dreams of Catching Up On My Vlog

I'm spending the holidays with my mom in the sunny "town" of Felda, FL. I have a week off from work, which I originally planned to use for updating my blog. I wanted to master the art of "vlogging" this week. seems the internet in Mom's house (which is literally sandwiched between orange trees and grazing beef cattle) is not up to snuff for uploading videos.
*Sigh* I guess I'll have to settle for posting pictures and providing written commentary. Maybe I can edit the vlogs so that they look GREAT and then upload them as a "New Years treat" when I get back to SoCal.

Here's a quick recap of my adventures, thus far:

Mom and I borrowed my Uncle Phil's "Gator" (a gas powered, "golf cart-esque" vehicle that can go out in the fields and handle all the bumps). We took a ride through the pasture. We "moo'ed" at my grandmother's beef cattle (in the soon to be posted video). Mom spotted some cranes and went nuts (she's kind of obsessed with birds...just wait till I post pictures of her holiday decorations). And we also saw this little guy...

I took some video of the alligator, but he doesn't really do anything cool. He doesn't eat a cow, or chase our vehicle (like the T-rex in Jurassic Park). Mom was worried when I was videoing because she said that alligators can "run as fast a horse." I told her this guy might need a little running start to get up to those speeds. Needless to say, her persistence won out, and I did not get to wrestle a gator (although that could have been fun).

So far, Florida has been a blast. I look forward to updating this with some more stories, pictures, and (eventually) videos. We've still got holiday family get togethers, Oscar-hyped movies, and the annual Tacky Sweater Fest on the horizon.

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csherrod said...

Fabulous! I didn't know you had started the blog! I love it!